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After deciding on the home you want, and the paperwork is complete, you will begin Pre-Construction Planning. Before breaking ground on your new home, there are many items that need attention. Here are the items that could arise during the Pre-Construction phase of your new home. The location of your property (County, Township and Community) will determine what items will be required with your new home. One of our Building Consultants will guide you through each step. If you prefer to sit back and let someone else handle these details, we offer customized packages that vary from doing just a few items you prefer not doing, to our “Turn Key Service.” The “Turn Key Service” will handle every detail from property survey to landscaping.


Land Survey

If buying land, seller should provide a survey with all corners. Please make sure stakes are visible. If land is already owned corner pins must be located.


Land split and deed recording

If land is being given to you by a friend or family member the land must be split by a Surveyor and the newly created deed recorded with the county before ANY additional items can be completed.


Zoning requirements

(Township and community covenants and restrictions).



  • Well or public water source (if well, check w/ neighbors to get idea of depth)
  • Septic or public sewer (if septic, soil test through Health Dept; septic system design and approval)
  • Temporary electric (we provide the pole up to 50 feet from building site; you will need to contact electric company to set up an account and to have them determine where electric will come from and if additional poles or transformers are needed)
  • Permanent electric (overhead or underground; contact local Electric company)
  • Natural gas or LP (if desired and available contact local provider)

Home-site Review

We will:

  • Discuss foundation and walkout basement issues.
  • Discuss driveway location and if culvert is needed.
  • Discuss utility locations and any issues that could affect cost.
  • Review any special circumstances related to your land.

Plot Plan

(This document is usually prepared by a Surveying company. They will place your home on the lot, showing items like driveway, septic system, utility connections, decks, patios, etc).


Building Permits

(County, City, etc.)


Color Selections

(No need to run all over town picking colors. Just come to our showroom in Milford, Ohio to pick your brick, shutters, cabinets, flooring, paint, etc.).


Pre-Construction Meeting

This meeting will take place at our showroom in Milford and will be the last item before breaking ground on your new home. During the meeting we will go over your blueprints to ensure accuracy, verify utility locations, color selections, etc.

Building Process

The process of building your new home may seem daunting when you first begin. It’s really just a matter of combining many small tasks and finishing with a new home. Your Zeilman-James Building Consultant will guide you through each step, and if you like, will even handle the items for you. Just ask about our Turn-Key Service. Here is a typical list of items you may experience while going through the building process. Every project is a little different, so don’t be surprised if you don’t need all of these items for your new home. Likewise, don’t be surprised if you need a few more. Remember, if you ever have a question during the process, just ask.

Builder Selection

In the beginning stages you will likely look at several builders briefly and settle on taking a closer look at 2 or 3. After the closer look, you will choose the builder for your new home. Obviously, we hope you choose Zeilman-James Homes. The following items are how we will handle the process if you decide to build with us. It also offers some guidance if you choose to go with another builder.

Home Selection

Now that you have chosen a builder, you can begin looking at home plans. If they offer customization, you can begin thinking about the changes you might want to make. Zeilman-James offers complete customization of every home… yes, even our most affordable plans have the opportunity to sit down with our designer, and make whatever changes you want.

Contract and Deposit

This is where the excitement really begins. You are now on your way to building the home you have always dreamed about. During this stage you will want to make sure your builder spells out exactly what they are going to do and what you, as the customer, are expected to do. Our contract is very specific and outlines the Builder and Customer responsibilities. Our deposit is $2,000.00 which will be credited towards the total cost. We offer various programs that start with a lot of customer involvement, (Sweat Equity Program), to programs where the customer does nothing except sign some paperwork and moves in after completion. We also offer everything in between.

Plan Drawings

The blueprints to build your new home are drawn and given to you for review. Final plans are delivered after all the details have been worked out.

Pre-Construction Planning

This a very important step that is necessary to get to the fun part, which is breaking ground and watching your new home be built. Details of Pre-Construction are located on the Pre-Construction page here. A brief overview of this phase is all the paperwork for obtaining necessary permits, zoning issues, surveys, site plans, etc. Again, we will be there to help you with each step, or if you prefer, we can handle part or all of it for you.

Color Selections

Now the fun really begins!! Imagine getting to choose the brick, siding, shingles, shutters, carpet, cabinets etc. for your new home. We make this enjoyable time even more enjoyable by offering a single location to pick everything. You will not have to run to a lighting store, a plumbing store, a lumber company, etc. Everything is available for you to see at our conveniently located showroom in downtown Milford, Ohio.

Pre-Construction Meeting

This marks the end of the planning stage and the beginning of the building stage. During this meeting we will go over all aspects of the building process once more to ensure accuracy.

Building Your New Home

We break the building process into 5 specific stages that will coincide with the loan payments paid by your lender to the builder. The stages are: Foundation; Framing; Drywall; Trim; and Final. During these stages we will go through your home and make certain that everything meets our strict standards and more importantly, yours.
Site Work Completion – while your new home is being built you will also need to complete work specific to your site. These items can be done by you, the customer, or you can contract us to handle some or all of the work. The items are: utility connections (water, sewage, electric, gas or propane, etc.), driveway, patios, decks, sidewalks, landscaping, grass seed or sod, etc. Depending on your specific site you may have more or less site work to complete.

Pre-Closing List

This is a list that you will create that itemizes any issues with your new home that need addressed prior to our Settlement Statement. These are typically items such as paint touch up, door adjustments, drawers that stick, etc. We will address all items on this list prior to scheduling your final walk through and Settlement Statement.

Final Walk Through and Settlement Statement

This is the final meeting where you will go through your new home one more time to ensure your satisfaction. When all the items have been addressed we will have you sign our Settlement Statement which formally ends the production phase of the process and starts the Service and Warranty phase. The Settlement Statement will explain the end of production and list any items that have not been completed to your satisfaction. These items are normally limited to items such as back ordered cabinet doors, the need for a sub-contractor to return at a later date, or an item that can’t be corrected right then.

Service and Warranty

This is the phase where your warranty items will be addressed.


This is where you can tell your friends and family members what a pleasure it was to build with Zeilman-James Homes. For each customer you refer, you will receive $500.00 when they begin construction. Thank you in advance for your referrals!!

Service Warranty

At Zeilman-James Homes we understand that building a quality homes is only the first step in being a top quality Builder. The second part is standing behind the home with a solid warranty department that provides prompt and professional service. This is a top priority of the Zeilman-James building philosophy.

We understand that when we build a quality home and deliver excellent warranty service we will have customers telling their friends and family members about their satisfaction with our company.

We include a 10 year foundation warranty and a 3 year builder’s warranty **

**Some restrictions apply-see your Sales Consultant for details.

Referral Program

After your home is completed, and you are pleased with your building experience we encourage you to tell your friends and family members about Zeilman-James Homes. When you refer a customer you will receive $500.00 when they begin construction.